Monday, September 17, 2012

I refuse to cover up....

Well it finally happened, after 3 plus years breastfeeding two infants, a toddler, and now a preschooler with a renewed love of nursing; I have been officially been told today that I am offending people and have been asked to cover up. 

Of course, I know California State Law, my rights, and my position on the issue.  I even carry copies of the law in my wallet so I never have to even get into a discussion with another about it, but would simply hand them the law and continue feeding my baby.  I thought I was prepared for this situation, I thought I would not be surprised and would simply stand up for my rights and go on with my daily routine.  What I did not consider is how this would make me feel.  I always thought I would of course be angry and frustrated with our country's strange obsession with breasts.  I knew I would want to shout from the roof tops, "I refuse to cover up!".  What I did not expect was the feelings of hurt that I am now experiencing.  I feel berated.  I feel sad.  I have a slight feeling of uncomfortableness now when I think of feeding my baby in that place again.
Because I feel so strongly about this issue, I know these feelings will soon pass, anger might remain for a while, but ultimately pride will be what endures.
I will feel pride in myself for being able to give my children the best possible nutrition and comfort that exists.
I will feel pride in what I have taught about our bodies to the younger girls around me and for that matter, the boys as well.
I will feel pride in continuing to nurse my baby in a situation where others know that I was asked to cover up and refused to do so simply out of embarrassment or shame.
I will feel pride in my husband for telling me that by doing what I do, I have made the world slightly more tolerant of breastfeeding mothers and in a small way made it a better place.
I will feel pride in myself for that as well.

No woman should ever be made to feel that doing something so natural is shameful.  No woman should ever have to feel like she has to cover up because covering up implies that what I am doing is in some way shameful or inappropriate and NOTHING could be further from the truth.
I usually would not post pictures like this just to make a statement, but today I am.  My husband took this picture just a few days ago because I wanted to have it for my remembering when I am 82.  I know you all have seen more breast in the Victoria Secret catalog.


  1. Congrats! (For blogging, and for standing up for your beliefs.)
    One thought - if you haven't already recognized this:
    But when you say you now feel something you didn't anticipate "hurt, sad, uncomfortable"... might I suggest those feelings also come from a good place in you. The part of you that is kind, generous, and doesn't want to upset others. Tho your beliefs come before niceties... it's because your a good person that you will also feel concern. If that hits home in any way - then maybe you can compartmentalize such feelings a bit better (accepting the hurt - cause you accept your a good person, wanting to be nice). And then - hopefully that recognition will also temper any anger you have towards such confrontations - and you can educate with love (vs just defense and law).
    Wishing you, and yours - the best! Stay strong and awesome!

  2. I actually thought of that as well Patrick! Even though I would like to stage a nurse in or post info all over the place about nursing, I will instead simply stand by my beliefs and for now... educate that way.
    Thank you for your kind words. :)