Monday, March 6, 2017

Baby Blessing

About a month ago the mamas in my school, all women I would be honored to call my friends, hosted a baby blessing for me and Noah.  Three of my friends from LA also came to celebrate with me and to give me a beautiful gift of pregnancy photos.
There really are no words to describe what that day was like.  Usually having all that attention on me would make me quite uncomfortable, but we entered into a circle of words, candle lighting, and offerings for Noah that continue to leave me without words to this day.  I can say two things about this day though:
1.  It really felt as though all 25 of us had entered into the same space for almost three hours.  There were no distractions from what was happening and I felt at peace and truly held with love for so long. I really did not want it to end.
2.  It was quite an honor to hear how Noah was affecting all of them, what he brought to them, and how he had changed them.  What a special person who can do that before he is even born,

I am almost 36 weeks, full term on Thursday and I am nervous about what is to come so this will likely be my final writing until after he is born.  Thank you again for sharing with us in his journey.
Here are some pictures from the blessing and the photo shoot.  (Thanks Melissa for capturing such a wonderful day!)