Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monkey Boys

So my son is very fond of a few of his stuffed animals, not as fond of them as his thumb or even my thumb for that matter, but loves them none the less. One of his favorites is his monkey. My husband, being the awesome dad he is has taken it upon himself to make monkey even more exciting for E. Every night he takes the monkey and finds a new place for him so E can find him in the morning. He has hung from the ceiling fan, climbed the decorative ladder, been hiding in the bookshelf, and riding the rocking horse.
Monkey rescues mouse in the fire truck!
The look on E's face when he finds the monkey is so special to me. Since E usually wakes up after Josh is gone to work, daddy does not get to see the moment. But he stills hides him every night. To me that is the epitome of an unselfish, unconditional parental love.
Monkey enjoys a meal!

I love my monkey boys!

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