Monday, March 8, 2010

Wooooo Wooooo

Today, Elijah heard a siren and right after he said, "Wooooo Wooooo." It was so precious. He was communicating with me, and every new opportunity to communicate with my son is a gift. After working with parents for years and teaching communication with children, my own son's first attempts at communicating with me are priceless.

But it also made me a little sad. He was, after all, repeating a sound he hears on at least a daily, if not hourly, basis since he was born. The sound of the great LBC. The place we call home. A 700-square foot condo that we own with absolutely NO outdoor space to call ours. No balcony, no porch, and definitely no yard.

For such a long time, the ideal that I have held for children and childhood and myself has been a meadow full of climbing trees, with a stream running through it. I picture a tree house, a few chickens, and maybe even a goat. I worked hard to create this at the preschool. A tried to create a haven away from the city life, away from even suburban life, for the children to just be.

And now I have my own child and he is growing so fast. To steal some words from Tom Hunter, "What will he remember from the time he was a child?" Where can he play free, run, climb, jump, and explore? Where can he do this without the fear of polluted water? Where can he hear the birds chirp and the grass rustle rather than the sirens blare? Where can he dig without finding cigarette butts and trash? Where can we be outdoors without long car rides?

Of all the things I want for my child, nature is among the most important. Does this mean I sacrifice being close to my friends and family, and those who know me best? Do I sacrifice diversity, progressive thinking, and like-minded people?
I guess time will only tell. The problem is he is growing up now...
Woooooooo Wooooooo


  1. You provide E a great deal more than what you deny him (or perceive as denying him). He'll know you, his mother, and he'll remember that you were around to hear him say "woooooo woooooo" first hand; not via a caretaker telling you a story. That is a blessing and that is "nature's" way.

    *That was certainly meant to be a positive comment about the many ways you and Josh give to E and not meant offend anyone. :) I know good/great caretakers are blessings as well!

    Another beautiful've documented this on your blog. :) It makes me happy to know you'll have these entries to remind you of stories you can tell him. I hope when retold you'll remember things for what they are and not what they lacked.

    :) hugs old friend! Love ya, all!

  2. Love reading about Elijah's development! I love nature too! You've already taken him camping and you live at the beach! Hang in there Mom-you are doing a super job and I love reading about your mom and son adventures!

  3. We were sitting on the grass the other day watching some birds and when one flew to the ground, he looked at me and whistled! He was copying the bird sound way better than I ever could. Totally made up for the siren noise!

  4. Aw so exciting to hear about Elijah's communication with you. What a fun time. I know what you mean about small spaces...we lived in a 700 square foot condo the first two years of Noah's life and I felt the same way. But it is so true that he is going to remember your warmth, love, compassion, and respect more than anything else from his childhood. He is so lucky to have you for his mom!